News Update

Version 5 of Golden Records Desktop will be released around 9 November. This is a major refresh of the software with significant changes. The new version will be more flexible in approach, allowing any score to be entered any time. Reflecting advice from Archery GB that indoor rounds can be shot outside. Score entry is not restricted by season. The software deals with season dependent aspects in the background. Instead of views of data being constrained to a globally selected season, data is filtered to whatever the user wishes to work with or see.Detection of awards is supported with support included for Archery GB progress awards. The software will now store handicap adjusted scores, and enable separate management of club and open records. Filtering of reports is improved with multiple criteria selections possible.The synchronisation process with the online version is improved. It will, however, not be possible to synchronise both V4 and V5 to the same account at the same time. In any case support for V4 sync will be withdrawn at the end of 2020 to improve security.There will be no charge to upgrade to V5 for existing users, the update will be deployed via the existing update service and will be an in place upgrade to the existing software. All data will be preserved.

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