News Update

Issues have been reported with 50+ records not appearing when checked despite them being flagged as a new club record.The cause of this related to the setting to apply Archery GB age limits.Firstly the setting was not being applied when a score was checked if it was a club record. Second the setting was applied when checking for new club records. This applied Rule 308 in the ROS to 50+ archers significantly restricting the rounds for which 50+ records could be claimed.To resolve this the Rule 308 restrictions are now applied when checking if a score is a new club record. As the 50+ exclusion in Rule 308 severely restricts the rounds that can be claimed as records and is possibly not what clubs desire an option has been added to exclude 50+ scores from the Rule 308 checks. This works by including 50+ scores in the standard Men and Women categories for the purposes of club records only.Updates to both desktop and online are now available.

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