News Update

Jeff Allan of Malvern Archers has produced an app for iPhone and iPad that integrates with Golden Records Online for club members and personal users. Archery Link allows you to record your archery score to an internal database, which can be uploaded to the Golden Records on-line data base.Featuresn* Supports WA and Archery GB roundsn* Score arrows with buttons, or touch location on a target facen* Login to Golden Records on-line database, to retrieve previous scored rounds.n* Upload round to Golden recordsn* Save sight marks for each distance, on each round, suggest a sight mark setting using previous setting same distance.n* Sight mark setting suggestion, using interpolation from previous distances.n* Scored round will be saved to internal database, round results converted to scorecard image, which can be emailed to Records Officer.n* Database back-up and restore feature.n* Arrows can be assigned a number, which when scored using target face scoring, can be individualy selected on target face to show grouping.n* Handicap and classification is calculated for each round, if uploaded to Golden records, database gets updated.n* Archers handicap and classification is calculated, for each bow type.n* Create custom rounds.n* Score sheet image created from score, with ability to put archers and Scorers signature on, before email to Records Officer.n* View all previous rounds on App, and filter by Start/End date, round, Distance Yds/m, Bow type, Location, Season.n* View Scores retrieved from Golden Records.n* Add notes for each round.n* Set colour scheme for App. Available through the App Store using the link below. app is maintained by Jeff and is independent of Toxik Software using an API to exchange data with Golden Records Online. Toxik Software is not responsible for use of this app and receives no income from sales of it. Support of the app is by Jeff not Toxik Software.

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