New Archery GB Indoor Classifications

New Archery GB Indoor Classifications

Golden Records (Online and Desktop) now supports the new Archery GB Indoor Classification system. This comes into effect from 1 July 2023 for the Indoor 2023/24 season. Any indoor scores so far entered will be adjusted automatically. Any classifications brought forward from Indoor 2022/23 will be reset so all archers will start Indoor 2023/24 as Unclassified.

The new system is similar to the outdoor system but with 8 grades instead of 9 (no Elite Master Bowman level). Classifications are prefixed “Indoor” eg “Indoor Archer 1st Class” with qualification on number of arrows (10 doz for Archer, 15 doz for Bowman +) and the same status qualification that Bowman cannot be achieved in practice and the Master tier requires record status.

Information will be available on the Archery GB website soon.

Note that WA Combined has been removed from both the handicap and the classification tables and is now regarded as two separate rounds for handicap and classification purposes.

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