Issues With Golden Records

Issues With Golden Records

If you have overlapping seasons of the same type in Golden Records, this may cause errors calculating handicaps and classifications. Some users have been in touch concerning errors in handicap and classification values. These were found to be due to having more than one season of the same type in a given time period.

Golden Records rebuilds handicaps and classifications for an archer on score addition or change. This also includes re-assessing the year start values. The software looks for the previous seasons of the same type. If seasons of the same type overlap or cover the same time period, the software caot compute the year start values correctly. This results in an incorrect value and hence all succeeding values being incorrect.

It is not necessary to put unofficial rounds into a separate season, and these will confuse the update process by causing the software to conclude that archers have not requalified in accordance with Archery GB rules. There should be only one season of a given type (eg Outdoor) in a given time period.

Also, please note that Archiving does not remove a season from consideration in handicap/classification updates. If you have test or abandoned seasons these need to be deleted.

An update released today will check for and report overlapping seasons when the software starts.

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