Golden Records 5 Important Changes

There are a number of signficant changes in Golden Records V5.

  1. Seasons are managed automatically by the software in the background and given automatically generated names.  It is possible to choose either Summer/Winter or Outdoor/Indoor.  Existing tables are rebuilt based on the scores in the score table and irrespective of current season structure.  Start and finish dates default to official dates or year start and year end.  The need for teh change is that Golden Records now identifies scores by date and type for handicap and classification purposes, not what season they are allocated to.  Also that when adding scores they are managed by date and type.
  2. IMPORTANTIf you have test seasons or duplicate seasons the scores will be imported into the new format.  Users will have the option to exclude specific seasons before conversion.  Data in these excluded seasons will be lost.
  3. Selecting a season is no longer necessary to use the software.  Season dependent information is filtered at the point of display.
  4. Any score can be added any time, it is no longer necessary to be “in” the season to which scores are to be added.
  5. Scores are presented unfiltered by season as a complete list of all scores.  Filter options are provided to display what is of interest.
  6. Reports have more comprehensive filtering options.
  7. A new check is added for searching for new awards with automatic detection of possible awards (eg Archery GB Progress Awards)
  8. Club records can be managed as separate Open and Club records (highest scores shot in club only)
  9. Rejected awards and club records are tracked and not shown again
  10. Score records can be tagged as Practice, Club Competition and Open Competition
  11. Scores shot in Practice or Club competition can be excluded from consideration as Club Records.
  12. It is not possible to synchronise both V4 and V5 to the online database.  Once V5 sync is enabled, v4 may not sync or may sync partially.
  13. Synchronisation support for V4 will be withdrawn in early 2021.

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