It is stored in the UK in a secure Microsoft datacenter.
Yes it is.  The database used by Golden Records is encrypted, and access to the software can be restricted by setting a password.  Backups are also encrypted.  In the case of Golden Arrow the data files are encrypted. If you use the Cloud service, the data is encrypted at rest and in transit.  Backup of the cloud database is continuous, and we now have a 1 year long term backup retention period. Passwords for Cloud users are hashed and salted in accordance with best practice.  We do not store anywhere plain text passwords, they are hashed on entry
We currently adopt lifetime licensing.  We think it unfair to charge for bug fixes, which is what most updates involve.  It is possible that this may change in the future for major updates involving a largely new version, but to date we haven't done this.
You can officially install the software on two machines at the same time, but we recognise that clubs may have a need for more.  We monitor the number of machines each license is actively used on and action will not be taken as long as the number of simultaneous active installations does not exceed 4.
Yes the software can be transferred as Record Officers change.  Just install and register the software on the new machine and remove from the old. Our system will register the new user. The best way to transfer data is to make a backup of the data on the old machine and then restore it on the new machine.
At present, no.  It is an ambition to have an App at some point, but there is not one currently in development.
Sorry, no.  All software is Windows only.  However, it is possible to run Windows software on a Mac by using virtualisation.  You will need to purchase virtualisation software and a copy of Windows.  We haven’t tried this, so caot say with certainty that the software will run properly. The other option is to install Windows on the Mac in a dual boot setup with Mac OS.  You would boot into Windows instead of Mac OS at startup. This dedicates 100% of the processor power to Windows and Windows applications. However, you can't use Mac OS X again until you restart. Since Apple's transition to Intel processors in 2006, Windows applications will run on the Mac. Please check your system profile in About This Mac to ensure you have what you need to run Windows.

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