Cloud Benefits

For Clubs

  • Better member services
  • Easier for Records Officers, less chasing, less distraction = more shooting!
  • Give access to online records to club officials
  • Share job of records keeping
  • Members can check their own records = records more likely to be accurate
  • Synchronise a laptop at the club, with desktop at home, no need to manually copy data from one to the other
  • Better records – no reliance on bits of paper, provide a better service to your members
  • Off-site backup of data, less risk of loss if PC/Laptop stolen
  • Less reliance on single individuals who may leave the club

For Archers

  • Free for club members with a club subscription
  • Submit scores to your Records Officer from the shooting line, or when you get home
  • Instant adjustment to handicap* and classification
  • Check your club has accurate records
  • Keep tabs on your current handicap* and classifications
  • View your records at any time, not just when you are at the club
  • Keeps your Records Officer happy, less being chased
  • Concentrate on shooting, not records

* Ratings for Australian users

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