Archery GB Age Groups FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the new Archery GB Age Groups and Golden Records

Yes you can quite easily by merging age groups.


Open Age Groups on the Manage Task Bar.  Select the age groups to merge.

Click the merge tool on the toolbar:

Select the age group to merge everything into:

Click Proceed and all score and club records that were Gentlemen will now be Men.  Repeat for the other age groups.

Wait until complete before closing Age Groups window.  This will take some time.


Go to the Age Groups page.

To change Ladies to Women edit the Ladies Age Group so that it is now Women by clicking the Edit button:

You will now have two Women age groups.

These remain separate although they have the same name.

To merge them to to the top and click Merge Duplicates under Manage Data (click drop down to reveal)

This will merge all scores, club records, and classifications to become a singular Women age group.

You may need to edit the merged age group so that it has the correct age limit and to ensure it is active.

If you are getting an age warning when trying to add a senior member over 50 into the Men or Women age group you can either turn off age checking in settings or you can change the age limit for Men and Women to 50 and Over.  There is no lower age checking for senior age groups.  This change will make Men and Women the same effectively as Ladies and Gentlemen previously.

This issue has been resolved in the Online Golden Records, age checking is now based on the date the score was shot.

There is now a new feature in the online score submission and edit form that allows inactive age groups to be shown.  A similar feature has been added to Golden Records Desktop in build 22286

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